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The Human

The human is based on an animal anatomy and is similar to the angel. The angel is a facer front (choncho-nye-cephalic buko-nye-) and angels form the majority of citizens in heaven because of facer front structure which allows them to be packed into a small space back to front and side by side. (Revelations 5:11).

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The two Facer

The two facer away cherubim (choncho-nye-cephalic buko-bi-) is based on animal anatomy cherubs are few in number because their gabaph/o cal structure does not allow that they could be packed (Ezekiel 41: 19-20)

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Heavily Build

The heavily built four facer away cherubim (choncho-bi-nye-cephalic buko-ne-) is based on animal anatomy. They are few in number because of their structure (Ezekiel 1: 5 - 24).

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Suppose dls energy is an existence interplay; from which all particles may be derived. Then the dls energy, contrary to the particles derived from it, may be invariantly single. It may encompass nature in its totality. 


Magnetic fields behave like two dimensional curled belts with zero volume. They resist being accumulated into a definite volume. When magnetic belts from two separate magnets, are sufficiently close to each other; they would accumulate.


What is variation all about?

An attempt to answer this question by observing nature and proposing concepts, may provide an insight into existence. Variation in materials and in the human mind for instance, may be used in excogitating the essence of existence.


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Accepting Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ of Nazareth:
Jesus who knocks at my door,
I open my life to you
Son of the almighty Creator.                            Rev. 3: 20

Jesus Christ of Nazareth:
Jesus who calls the thirsty,
I endeavor to drink Holy Spirit
Son of the almighty Creator.                             John 7: 37 to 39

Jesus Christ of Nazareth:
Jesus who invites me,
I endeavor to stay with you
Son of the almighty Creator.                                John 15: 4

Jesus Christ of Nazareth:
Jesus who leads me in prayer,
I endeavor to utter the…


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