The HumanThe two FacerHeavily Build

The Human

The human is based on an animal anatomy and is similar to the angel. The angel is a facer front (choncho-nye-cephalic buko-nye-) and angels form the majority of citizens in heaven because of facer front structure which allows them to be packed into a small space back to front and side by side. (Revelations 5:11).

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The two Facer

The two facer away cherubim (choncho-nye-cephalic buko-bi-) is based on animal anatomy cherubs are few in number because their gabaph/o cal structure does not allow that they could be packed (Ezekiel 41: 19-20)

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Heavily Build

The heavily built four facer away cherubim (choncho-bi-nye-cephalic buko-ne-) is based on animal anatomy. They are few in number because of their structure (Ezekiel 1: 5 - 24).

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The Creator Of Nature


Creator (Somathuleli/a-ati): In the core of the primary infinite and the secondary infinite: there exist a highly perfected gabudzel/a volatile intelligent foundation of nature. He could be a conscious law of nature, a three facer free being, a hyper sapient who could be a conscious mathematical harmony, a conscious force of perfect probability pulley. An absolute conscious configuration who balances in the time free by limiting primary infinite, controlling secondary infinite and suppressing the remainder of infinite: a struggle that may precipitate tikhumbiph/o as a consequence of perfect probability pulley instantaneous thrust on absolute dls energy, scattering out emagoc/o-mane in continuous and expanding diversity. He may range from conscious abstract infinite treatise of diversity through gabaph/o reality to conscious corporeality.

He may be a conscious tri tandem of three definite beings (facer frees): Creator-ati (Somathule/i-ati), Creator-mane (Somathulel/i-mane) and Creator-ko (Somathulel/i-ko). The facer frees may be at distance and time equal to ngcab/i-atical consequence zero apart and continuity consequence infinite apart.

  1. Creator-ati (Somathulel/i-ati)

He may Gabudzel/a-ati at an existence level labeled primary infinite  gcizel/i-ati gabaph/o-ati. He may be the epitome of the Creator of nature who rests in the outer nature. He may be the main facer free.

  1. Creator-mane (Somathulel/i-mane)

He may Gabudzel/a-ati at an existence level labeled primary infinite gcizel/i – mane gabaph/o – mane. He may be the secondary infinite bearing facer free. All variants of nature may be his derivatives. Absolute dls energy maybe part of his expended form. Variants of nature may resemble each other by reason of their being aligned  as derivatives of somathulel/i-mane.

He has a social gcizel/ically functional name with respect to people: he is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  1. Creator-ko (Somathulel/i-ko)

He may Gabudzel/a-ati at existence level; primary infinite gcizel/i-ko gabaph/o-ko. He may be the conscious force of perfect probability pulley tug of goc/o-mane on every variant of nature.

Creator -ati is sociable. He may have indicated his presence to homo sapiens by way of kuGabudzel/a -bi-nca in imbudl/o-ati which may then download some information from him. He may be physically connected to elite sapiens through Somathulel/i-mane.

Homo sapiens may have written some or more of this information in the Holy Bible, a collection of gcizel/i data.

Somathulel/i-ati is the ultimate premise of nature. The nucleus of creation. He is the foundation of  existence, he is the reason why there is nature. He is the fundamental presence delimiting physical social and abstract existence. He did not begin because he is the beginning. Without him nothing can begin as revealed by gcizel/i data in John 1: 1 to 3. The prepositioning of Somathulel/i-ati in the beginning implies that nature is endowed with regenerative powers as a prefix for permanence. Absolute dls energy may be a probable tendency of permanence as Somathulel/i-ati is approached. Somathule/i-ati maybe eccentric, he may be perfect only. He may be ordered only not chaotic.


He may be a rescue site of Somathulel/i-ati in Somathulel/i-mane, deployed as a gabudzel/i-bi-ca in lindvulel/i-ati, launched into corporeality by insertion into imbudl/o-ati settling as umGabudzel/a-hla-gaba-hla-. A human elite sapient form of umGabudzel/i-ko.

That physical activity settles a social disharmony between Somathulel/i-ati and the human elite sapient. When a site of Somathulel/i-ati is out-pocketed and settled as a human elite sapient; Lindvulel/i-ati, the conscious law of nature of which human elite sapiens are derivatives, gets corrected and re-aligned in lindvul/o void.

Lindvul/o void may be a space in which lindvulel/i-ati gaba volatile formula (conscious law of nature) was proportioned by Somathulel/i-ati. It might be a proportionality constant correlating lindvulel/i-ati with Somathulel/i-ati.

Gcizel/i data in Gen. 2 : 7 metaphorically states that God breathed into the nostrils of man who then became a living soul. A specific reality of this gcizel/i data metaphor, may be that there was physical lodging of a site of Somathulel/i-ati into a gaba volatile matrix which left that gaba volatile configuration programmed as the human elite sapient.

When there is social disparity between Somathulel/i-ati and the human elite sapient he may either destroy that lindvulel/i-ati or salvage (correct) it by repeating the way he created the human (breathing into the human body).

The breathing into the human happened only once. When the next human was created (Gen. 2 : 21,22) there was no breathing into her nostrils, she was the first derivative of lindvulel/i-ati coscious law of nature. All humans are derivatives of one lindvulel/i-ati conscious law of nature.

When there was disparity between Somathulel/i-ati and the human who occupied lindvul/o void, the one who was breathed into; the conscious law of nature lindvulel/i-ati with its entire string of derivatives (humans) fell out of gcizel/i alignment with somathule/i-ati. Adam, who occupied lindvul/o void was the bearer of the proportionality constant of lindvulel/i-ati to Somamthulel/i-ati.

Since Somathulel/i-ati is a passionate conscious law of nature, humans are offered a free will to re-align with him using their minds, by accepting  Jesus Christ and getting baptized in the name of Somathulel/-ati who is the Father the Son and Holly spirit in gcizel/i-data. The acceptance of Jesus Christ is application of the mind to disconnect from the out of gcizel/i alignment conscious law of nature, which determines the human gabaph/ocal parameters and link with the perfect proportionality constant to Somathulel/i-ati: Jesus Christ of Nazareth.



The ultimate scientist, the genius behind nature, the creation nucleus, Somathulel/i-ati: may have generated secondary infinite by programming Somathulel/i-mane as the limit of primary infinite into a convulsed avalanche of laws of nature .The area of primary infinite enveloped by the programmed Somathulel/i-mane separating  from Somathulel/i-ati effects a vicinity  as absolute dls energy. Let this area be labeled the Circle of Time free East. Tikhumbiph/o may then develop inside the Circle of Time free East. The Circle of Time free East encompasses the secondary infinite. The primary infinite is thence located beyond the circumference of the Circle of Time free east.

It may be inferred that secondary infinite should show the organization of time free space into various tikhumbiph/o by conscious force of perfect probability pulley when Somathulel/i-ati sprawls into headship and subordinate configuration, a sabbath (creation nucleus) fission. Gcizel/i data in Jeremiah 23: 23 to 27 reveals that the Creator of nature is active in the primary infinite the secondary infinite and the remainder of infinite. Creation may be evidence of an abstract infinite treatise of diversity. An evidence of a force equal to it, acting in the primary infinite.

Consequently the ultimate premise of nature, the foundation of existence, may be concluded as Somathulel/i-ati = Somathulel/i-mane = Somathulel/i-ko as somathulel/i-mane is mapped onto the limit of primary infinite (as revealed by gczel/i data in the book of John chapter 1: 1 to 8).


proporser: Victor Ndiphethe Dlamini