The HumanThe two FacerHeavily Build

The Human

The human is based on an animal anatomy and is similar to the angel. The angel is a facer front (choncho-nye-cephalic buko-nye-) and angels form the majority of citizens in heaven because of facer front structure which allows them to be packed into a small space back to front and side by side. (Revelations 5:11).

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The two Facer

The two facer away cherubim (choncho-nye-cephalic buko-bi-) is based on animal anatomy cherubs are few in number because their gabaph/o cal structure does not allow that they could be packed (Ezekiel 41: 19-20)

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Heavily Build

The heavily built four facer away cherubim (choncho-bi-nye-cephalic buko-ne-) is based on animal anatomy. They are few in number because of their structure (Ezekiel 1: 5 - 24).

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Deep Nature Scanner

Deep nature scanner

The deep nature scanner is a gcizel/i data (biblical) structure like Noah’s ship box of agreement temple…Gcizel/i-data structures trace out laws of nature. They may be in repeating patterns like other natural structures including those of living things.

 The structure of sitintiwan/e (drawing of temple) in Ezekiel 40 to 44 may be manipulated to yield a new gcizel/i data (biblical) structure Sicingamatfunti, a deep nature scanner. It may be calculated to resemble the pre-existing gcizel/i data structures such as Noah’s ship, box of agreement, the temple… Gcizel/i data in Revelation 13: 18 gives a clue on how such may be done. It says calculate 666. A specific reality of this gcizel/i data numerical metaphor may be the shaping out of a gcizel/i data structure: the deep nature scanner.

Physical creation dynamics provides that nature may be probable in the same way in its entirety. Matter and organisms have nuclei which are generally coated with some debris of their derivatives and repeated to perpetuate that entity. Similarly; sitintiwan/e tend to have a nucleus as the holly of hollies. It may be split to reveal creation sequences.

Sitintiwan/e has a passage lingcing/a-ati which is = 6, followed by the holly place (litsacal/a) = 20, which precedes the holy of hollies (litsacal/o) =10. Yet the gap between the altar and lingcing/a-ati = 25. This gap is an STTR. Now let lingcing/a-ati (6) + litsacal/a (20) + litsacal/o (10) be = litsac/a-nye- = 6 + 20 + 10 = 36.

If litsac/a-nye- is theoretically split and transcribed, we shall then have litsac/a-nye- + transcript = (6 + 20 + 10) + (10 + 20 + 6) = 72. This is labeled litsac/a-bi-.

Let litsac/a-nye-  + transcript be swipe spread into a second transcript such that transcript 1 and transcript 2 face the same direction. We now have litsac/a-bi- + transcript 2 = (6 + 20 + 10) + (10 + 20 + 6) + (10 + 20 + 6) = 108. Let it be labeled litsac/a-tsa-.

Lastly let us now test the natural balance at abstract diversity treatise of such a set up. Let us add litsac/a-tsa- 108 (mapped onto physical 666) to the STTR = 25.

That is 108 + 25 = 133 = length of Noah’s sheep (Geneses 6: 15). This reveals that the gcizel/i data structure the temple is similar to Noah’s ship among other gcizel/i data structures. It is also in line with the hypotheses that secondary infinite may be an avalanche of gabaph/ocal debris of repeating patterns, out pocketed by Somathulel/i-ati (the Creator of nature).

A set of holes theoretically destined to represent deep nature valves (tinhlelelel/e) may be lined up depicting apparitional optics monomers and polymers along the 133 forming libhonyoph/i the output end of the deep nature scanner.

The gcizel/i data numerical metaphor 6: the number 6 in a gcizel/i data specific reality of litsac/a-nye- may behave somewhat like the chemical element carbon which forms polymer compounds. Litsac/a-nye- (6 + 20 + 10) has one 6 on one end. Litsac/a-bi- (6 + 20 + 10) + (10 + 20 + 6) has sixes on either ends. While in litsac/a-tsa- (6 + 20 + 10) + (10 + 20 + 6) + (10 + 20 + 6)… a sequence of ematsac/a-nye- (pl. for litsac/a-nye-) begins. Thus the gczel/i data numerical metaphor 666 in one specific reality maybe an optical monomer.

A combination of science and poetry is being used to penetrate gcizel/i data (biblical) metaphors to break through into the advanced knowledge of existence niches highlighted in the bible (gcizel/i data). Some of the poems are downloadable in the poetry page of this website (

The above description of a deep nature scanner is an extract from the ULTIMATE PREMISE OF NATURE which is bringing the theory of physical creation dynamics. A scientific theory that explains the physical configuration of the Creator of nature and creation.

Deep nature scanner research, theory and poetry by Victor Ndiphethe Dlamini

Country: Eswatini (Swaziland) between South Africa And Mozambique.